Custom Orthotics from Optimum Health in Yardley PA

Experience the Difference of Custom Orthotics

We offer orthotics specifically molded and designed for an individual’s feet. These custom made inserts don’t just support your feet. Many common complaints such as low back pain, leg pain, knee pain and heel pain can be caused by poor foot mechanics. Our custom orthotics will give support to all of these areas, resulting in greater overall comfort.

Comfort Fit Orthotics

Our office has teamed up with ComfortFit Orthotic Labs. With over three and a half decades of experience in making custom orthotics, they pride themselves in crafting orthotics made only of the highest quality materials available, and in working closely with their doctor clientele to ensure an accurate end product.

We invite you to find out more about how a pair of custom made foot orthotics could benefit you, including our satisfaction guarantee and very reasonable pricing, by contacting our office today.

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